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National Parks I (CO/AZ/UT)

The National Parks of the American Southwest are incredible. Deep canyons, table mountains, bizarre rock formations and wonderful wildlife characterize the landscape. Find even more information on National Parks (II).

National Parks I

National Parks I

Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP: the canyon, with the Gunnison River flowing on its bottom, is so narrow that hardly any light gets into it. This makes the edges of the gorge look black, which gives the national park its name. The steep walls are up to 700 meters high.

Mesa Verde NP: The “Green Table Mountain” is best known for its more than 800-year-old “Cliff Dwellings” of the Anasazi. Some of the rock dwellings can be visited; the best-preserved settlement is Cliff Palace.

Zion NP: The park with the Virgin River in its valley is green and has a wide variety of plant species. There is an enormous 1.500 meters between the park’s highest and lowest points. The squirrels in the park are not shy at all and watch the tourists at close range.

Bryce Canyon NP: The park, which lies significantly higher than its neighbors Zion and Grand Canyon, is best known for its colored rock pyramids, the so-called hoodoos. Whether at Sunrise Point, Sunset Point or Rainbow Point – the sight for the visitors is just incredible.

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