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Las Vegas

Welcome to North America

When we flew to North America together for the first time in 2009 – there were hardly any attractive destinations left for us in Europe – we had no idea that this fascinating continent wouldn’t let us go any more. The endless vastness of the prairies, the beauty of the mountains and lakes, the incredible diversity of flora and fauna as well as the cities and towns captivated us from the very first day. After around 20 trips and 80,000 km (50.000 miles) in rental cars across the USA and Canada, we have probably seen more of both countries than most Americans or Canadians.

We watched the waves of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean and surrounded the Great Lakes. We hiked the cool paths of the Rocky Mountains and followed the trails of Death Valley in scorching heat. Marmots, rattlesnakes, wapitis, a few bears and even a wolverine (yes, they really exist) crossed our path. We visited the Google Campus, Boeing’s factory floors, the grain elevators of the prairie, and Leonard Cohen’s grave. 


…and to Australia

Exactly 15 years later, we set our sights on a new continent. Australia for beginners, that’s what we called our road trip through the southeast of Down Under. Adelaide, Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road and the Australian Alps were on our route, as well as the capital of Canberra, the Indian Ocean, the cosmopolitan city of Sydney and finally Brisbane. This continent with its fascinating wildlife and incredible landscape immediately enchanted us, too.

We followed the tracks of those emigrants who found a new home in Texas, Wisconsin or Nebraska, but also in the liveable cities of Australia. All those places tell us stories that we are happy to share with you. Get inspired by our travels. Welcome to North America – and now also to Australia!

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Bellevue Park Sault Ste. Marie

Ontario (2) / Great Lakes (2)

Washington Crossing Historic Park


Esplanade Riel Fußgängerbrücke Winnipeg

Manitoba/North Dakota

Cyrus Avery Memorial Bridge Tulsa


Getreidesilos Saskatchewan


The gray States are still missing in our collection
Miners Castle im Pictured Rock National Lakeshore

Great Lakes (1)

Musée Acadien du Québec Bonaventure


Top of Twillingate Trail


Miami Beach


Glacier National Park

Northwest (2)

Rainbow Bridge Niagara Falls

Ontario (1)

The gray Territories are still missing in our collection
Enchanted Rock


Grand-Pré National Historic Site Wolfville


Bixby Creek Bridge Big Sur


Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona

Southwest (2)

Golden Spike National Historic Site

Middle of the West

Rocky Mountains


Cape Cod National Seashore

New England

Arches National Park

Southwest (1)

Yaquina Bridge

Northwest (1)