Welcome to North America – Our Passion 2.0

About 10 years ago – the children had grown up and the map of Europe in our living room was filled with hundreds of marking pins – my wife and I flew to the United States for the first time together. The infinite vastness, the beauty of the mountains and lakes, the world of animals and plants and last but not least the cities and towns fascinated us so much that from now on we returned to the North American continent every year.

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Das Florida-Lesebuch
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Big, bigger, great

After 16 trips (including 7 to Canada), we probably saw more of those two countries than most Americans or Canadians: Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco in the USA, Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver in Canada, just to mention some of the cities. We watched the waves of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean and travelled around the Great Lakes.

We hiked the trails of the Rocky Mountains and suffered in the heat of Death Valley. Marmots, rattlesnakes, moose, a few bears and even a wolverine crossed our path. We followed the footsteps of those Germans who found a new home in Texas or Wisconsin, and more than once we faced the memorials of both World War I and II.

Lands of Heroes

During all those years, we encountered American and Canadian national heroes and important entrepreneurs. Terry Fox, John F. Kennedy, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or Tim Hortons are just a few names on our long travel list. We visited Google Campus, the Boeing factory, the first Amazon Go store and Leonard Cohen’s grave.

Each of these sites told us a story that often also has an impact on people’s life here in Germany. However, the real heroes of that continent are the people we met on our travels. Almost all of them gave us a warm welcome, provided us some insight into the customs of their country and left us with a friendly advice for our further journey.

Cable Car in San Francisco, Kalifornien
Arches National Park, Utah
Highland Light in Provincetown auf Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Grizzly am Icefields Parkway vor Lake Louise in Alberta





It is our first trip together to the American continent with the full programme from the start: eleven hours of direct flight, a time difference of nine hours – you can’t go…

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Golden Spike National Historic Site. Utah
Universal Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Kalifornien
Fabulous Las Vegas Sign in Las Vegas, Nevada
Blockhouse National Historic Site in St. Andrews, New Brunswick





This tour takes us to seven states, which are geographically part of the southwest, northwest and midwest. Therefore, we call this route a journey to the…  

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Stockyards National Historic District in Fort Worth, Texas
Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario
Space Needle in Seattle, Washington
Lifeguard Tower Miami Beach, Florida





Texas is big – only Alaska is larger in area. The “Lone Star State” also has – after California – the most inhabitants. The Texans are quite proud of their state…

Ontario is Canada’s most important province. Almost 40 percent of the population lives in Ontario, the capital of Canada is located here, and the Golden Horseshoe is…

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Which are the destinations Germans prefer most in the USA? The names are always the same: New York, California, Las Vegas – and Florida. The “Sunshine

St. John's bunte Häuser, Neufundland
Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Québec City
"Cloud Gate" (The Bean) von Anish Kapoor
Grain Elevator in Battleford, Saskatchewan





Newfoundland is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and is a really big island with a third of the area of Germany. However, only half a million people live here – 180.000…

Our journey through the province of Québec (which is the French part of Canada) begins at the international airport of Montréal. A first detour leads us to Mont-…

Our trip around Lake Michigan starts at the international airport of Chicago. However, we save the city for the end of our trip and head directly to Milwau…

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