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About me – It all began with a VW Beetle

You want to know something about me – here we go. Traveling has been my passion for 50 years now. Initially there were hikes through the Westerwald or train journeys to Munich, then an old VW Beetle – usually with a few friends – opened up the “big world” to me: Austria and Holland, France, Italy and finally Scandinavia. When I met my wife during a semester abroad in Great Britain, traveling became a unifying element for both of us.

With station wagon and bike rack

Later, when we had little children, we bought a station wagon with lots of storage space, so we could go on vacations together. North Sea, Baltic Sea, Lüneburger Heide – there is no town in northern Germany we did not visit. We usually had our bikes with us, in Lüneburg as well as in Denmark or on Gotland.

As the children grew up, we combined the car with the ferry and the plane with the train. Our destinations were London, Paris, Brussels and Prague, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland, Spain and Portugal and the islands of the Mediterranean.

Journey to the Wild West

One day – we had already seen countless attractions in Europe, and the kids now had their own plans – we came across a leaflet advertising a trip to the “Wild Beauties of the Northwest”. And so, we booked a flight to Portland (Oregon), rented a car and went on an unforgettable trip which ended at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco after three weeks.

About me

And the story continues…

Since 2009 we have returned to North America again and again. At the beginning, we chose the top destinations in the USA; however, the provinces of Canada were added soon. In all those years, we have seen so many beautiful and interesting things in both countries; we have travelled 39 states in the USA and visited all of Canada’s provinces. A few years ago, we hung up a large map of Australia in our apartment – to dream about. And now we’ve actually been Down Under, in the southeast of this huge country on the other side of the world.

And yet, we’ve never been to Alaska or the Yukon. We would love to visit the Carolinas and the islands of Hawaii, or follow the Mississippi from north to south on the Great River Road. And Western Australia is also said to be quite beautiful.

Oh yes, we’ve both been to New York – but never together…

About me