Travelling the USA and Canada




Impressions (CA/NV)

What makes the ghost town of Rhyolite so special is the “open-air museum” in the middle of the desert. The Manzanar War Relocation Center vividly recalls the internment of more than 10,000 Japanese Americans during World War II. Bodie ghost town, only accessible on a gravel road, is really big; more than 170 buildings are spread on the abandoned site.



Virginia City, a former silver and gold mining town, is completely protected as a historical monument. On the way to Yosemite National Park, you shouldn’t miss Bravo Farms, a colorful mix of souvenir shop, rest stop and children’s playground. Beautiful old buses and an old King Midget, colorful food at the market and a gigantic car tire complete our impressions from California and Nevada.