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Las Vegas

Las Vegas (NV)

Las Vegas in Nevada is the city of casinos, shows and wedding chapels – and of superlatives. Every year, about 39 million tourists gamble away 8.3 billion US dollars here, and the number of hotel beds is around 150,000 (for comparison, the number for Frankfurt is 65,000). Of the twenty largest hotels in the world, measured by the number of rooms, twelve are located in the city in the middle of the desert, with many more following close behind. The Venetian Resort with 7,092 rooms is second only to Malaysia’s First World Hotel.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas by day is big and invites you to look and marvel. At night, when everything is colorfully illuminated, the city gets shrill, strange and loud. Then all that matters are alcohol and the tourists’ money – there is no dress code at all. The atmosphere in this city is unique – you just have to experience it by yourself.

Beitragsbild Siegel von Las Vegas