Middle of the West – Travel Tips

Here are three wonderful travel tips for a round trip through Nebraska, South Dakota and Utah.

Carhenge near Alliance in Nebraska consists of old American cars, which are arranged in a circle, similar to the stones in the British Stonehenge monument. Additionally, they have been sprayed grey. The layout is really odd, you don’t see that every day.

Travel tips Middle of the West


The Wall Drug Store on Interstate 90 in South Dakota has been advertising on huge billboards along the highway since 1931. It became known through the campaign, which is still running today, of distributing ice water free of charge, with up to 20,000 cups on good days in summer. A cup of coffee offered for 5 cents is another commercial joke. Apart from that, the drugstore is a huge souvenir shop, where you can picnic or drink coffee in the backyards, sheltered from sun and noise.

The Golden Spike National Historic Site in Utah is the place where the transcontinental railway lines of the United States were joined on May 10, 1869. The last nail, the “golden spike”, is exposed at the museum. Two brightly colored locomotives from that time are located behind the building, and a film shows how hard it was to complete the railway line. Absolutely worth seeing!