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Las Vegas

Indiana, Robert

Basis Flagge USA


* Sept. 13, 1928 New Castle (IN)

† May 19, 2018 Vinalhaven (ME)

Robert Indiana is best known for the “LOVE” theme he developed, which mostly exists in the colors blue, red and green as a sculpture made of marble, aluminum and CORTEN steel, but also as a print, poster and tapestry. After all, the motif is even immortalized on an 8-cent stamp that the artist designed on behalf of the US government and which was issued in an edition of 330 million copies.

In a modified form, Indiana’s LOVE also exists in other colors, as AMOR, as Imperial Love or in Hebrew letters. Other works in a similar style show the words HOPE and ART. The authenticity of his last work BRAT is extremely controversial, as it is a homage to – the bratwurst.