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Rodin, Auguste



* November 12, 1840 Paris

† November 17, 1917 Meudon

Auguste Rodin is considered an important pioneer of modernism who set new standards, particularly in the field of sculpture, and saw his art as a bridge between yesterday and tomorrow. Many of his works became world-famous, such as “The Burghers of Calais” and his masterpiece, “The Gates of Hell,” which he worked on for 37 years and yet remained unfinished. There are 186 figures that finally find themselves on a huge bronze portal; it is more than six meters high and four meters wide. The sculpture was only cast in bronze after the artist’s death.

Many of Rodin’s most famous sculptures emerged from the Gates of Hell, such as “The Thinker“, “The Three Shadows” and “The Kiss“. The figures were originally designed for the Gates of Hell and were later presented as independent works. “The Thinker” was to become one of the most famous sculptures in the world. Originally only 72 cm tall, the work was later enlarged to a height of 181 cm; the monumental version became the artist’s first work in public space. Today, there are well over 30 casts of this statue spread all over the world.