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Cleveland (OH)

Cleveland, Ohio is located right in the center of the oldest and largest industrial region in the USA. When the decline of American heavy industry began with the crisis in the steel industry at the beginning of the 1970s (from the Manufacturing Belt to the Rust Belt), the city was hit particularly hard. Since its peak around 1900 (then the fifth largest city in the United States), the population has decreased by more than 60 percent to date. Vacancy and dilapidation are particularly visible in the suburbs.



One of the city’s main attractions is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame; from here you can get to downtown in just a few minutes. Around Public Square you will find the Victorian Arcades, the Art Deco Terminal Tower and many other historic buildings. University Circle is home to the mighty Museum of Art building and Severance Hall, home to the Cleveland Orchestra, one of the “Big Five” (along with the symphony orchestras of New York, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia).