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Salt Lake City (UT)

Salt Lake City in Utah is the largest city between Las Vegas and Denver and comes along quite wealthy and dressed up. The downtown area is dominated by Temple Square, which is privately owned by the Mormons. About 50 percent of the inhabitants belong to the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” (all over Utah the figure is about 75 %).

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

The Temple is closed to visitors, but Tabernacle (a wooden music hall with excellent acoustics), the visitor centres and the parks are freely accessible. The highest building in the city, the Church Office Buildung, houses the Mormon headquarters. Over 3,000 people operate from here, serving more than 14 million Mormons around the world. From the 26th floor of the building, there is a great view over downtown. Another good view can be enjoyed from the State Capitol high above the city. 

If time permits, visitors should come to The Gateway. The former railway station and especially the railway tracks behind the building have been fancifully converted into a huge shopping mall with hundreds of shops. 

Beitragsbild Siegel von Salt Lake City