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Lakenenland (MI)

Lakenenland is a sculpture park of a different kind. Here you won’t find any big names like Henry Moore, Claes Oldenburg or Alexander Calder; instead, colorful scrap metal, processed into great works of art and displayed in the middle of a forest and in the middle of nowhere on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, not far from Lake Michigan.

It’s been more than 30 years since Tom Lakenen began making works of art from scrap metal as a way to compensate for his hard work as a boilermaker.



Since the city board did not allow him to put the works in his front yard, Tom bought the piece of land described above and, in 2003, opened the sculpture park, which is free for visitors until today. The artworks are not for sale; it’s more than 100 of them, and their number is growing. Some of them tell a story, others make a (political) statement. Still others look as if they belong on a city’s market square, and some exhibits convey a very personal message from the artist. We were more than impressed by this slightly different park. Thank you so much, Tom!